Vision Statement

Ditton Nursery School and Early Years Centre Vision Statement​

Ditton Nursery Star IconOur purpose is to work with parents to give their children the best start in life.

Ditton Nursery Star IconWe aim for children to become confident, happy, independent learners who enjoy coming to school; playing and learning alongside their peers.

Ditton Nursery Star IconWe are a caring community – and believe that by teaching children to care for themselves they will, in time, learn to care for themselves and others. Ditton Nursery School is also a learning community where children and adults learn together – finding out about the world through visits, visitors and new experiences.

Ditton Nursery Star IconWe believe that every day for a child is new and will never come back therefore each day is theirs to enjoy, to learn, to grow and to develop.

Ditton Nursery Star IconWe aim to ensure that through the many experiences we provide every child can fulfil their true potential and make progress in their learning.

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